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About Us is a site built to host and archive My Little Pony related Team Fortress 2 mods in a neat an organized manner. Its origins can be traced back to the series of modding threads found on the /g/ board of Ponychan. After a brief period of time, the need arose for a better system of organizing the ever growing number of mods being produced by its members. That is when the idea of a website was put forward. The proposal was for not just a place to list links alongside a few screenshots. It was for a place where they could be hosted without ads or wait times, allowing users the ability to browse and easily compare similar mods, deciding which best suits their personal taste. It was to be a place for more than just those who knew how to create mods. It was for every person who was fan of My Little Pony and Team Fortress 2, wishing for a convenient way to mix the two together through a painless installation process producing quality results. Plus, for those who had a desire to create without a place to start, the site would possess the knowledge to give the helping hand others deserved. As such, that is what the site became.

I am Peter Chordash, creator and operator of The site was originally constructed by a team composed of Ling-Ling, VideoG, 1Pony4All and myself. It officially launched on Thursday, August 11, 2011. For the duration of its run, the site usually updated with new content every Friday. It was operated by both Ling-Ling and I up until October of 2011 when school took priority and Ling-Ling had to step away. From then forward, the site would continue as a one man operation. Periodically updates would stop so the site’s design could be upgraded to meet its ever growing needs. On February 1 2013 the site had ceased all content updates with no intention to ever return.

Less than three months after ending the site’s updates, I received an email from someone asking permission to create their own site modeled after While we parted ways after some time, that conversation is what would eventually snowball into picking up our coder and site admin Fluttershy as well as resident pony modder Zarkith for general assistance. Finally with a proper team and a unified goal, a new era of pony modding was just beyond the horizon.

On December 25th 2014, launched once again to bring pony mods to the masses better than ever. Featuring streamlined navigation, user accounts for commenting on and rating mods, metrics for mod creators to view their content’s performance, and much more. Forums were introduced to bring the community together and improve communication with one another. Additionally, our services extended beyond the web browser for the first time with the introduction of’s very own Team Fortress 2 server so you could find like minded folk to play with while testing out new mods you’ve picked up.

The team currently composed of Fluttershy, Zarkith, and myself, Peter, are working each day to ensure the’s experience only get better.

Welcome to the world of My Little Pony Team Fortress 2 Mods.