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Donating to the Site

Hello, I am Peter Chordash, creator, owner and operator of With those titles comes some key responsibilities. One of which is paying the bills to keep the lights on. When the site was initially built, it was done so using free hosting and software to get the job done. As time moved on, we started taking on more content and our needs grew. So much so that it became impossible to do what we needed to using free services.

Since January of 2012 I have been covering the cost of the web services, renewing the domains, and even some software we used in the past as we needed them. I intend to keep paying for the costs incurred by the site for the foreseeable future. It is however it has become more of a burden than before. Which is why help would be appreciated at this point.

As you may have seen, we hosted ads for two months time. The revenue generated from the ads were not remotely worth the hassle they introduce to either the users or us. For the sake of stability, we refuse to borrow hosting from a third party in the community who may wish to offer it. You deserve accountability. Only by being in control of the web hosting can we remain fully accountable.

If you have very much enjoyed the services the site has provided you in the past or present, and would like to help ensure it can continue for a bit longer. A donation of any amount would be very much appreciated. Please take note that the site or it’s members were not responsible for creating the majority of the mods on the site nor will these funds be shared with the creators or be used to guarantee more content will be posted to the site. The funds will be used to keep the server running and domains renewed.

That said, if you have enjoyed the ease of finding and navigating mods, the consistency of their distribution, comprehensive tutorials for installing and creation, high quality audio resource materials, the diverse selection of mods, regular updates to fix broken mods, offering both VPK and standard distribution formats, backpack icons for every item in the game needing one, or any of the several other details that make this the best place to pick up My Little Pony Team Fortress 2 mods, a donation for all the work put in would be extremely appreciated.

Currently we are only accepting donations through PayPal using the widget below or on the sidebar. If you have any question, feel free to ask them by messaging me at

Thank you very much,