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July 01 2011 / April 04 2014

Pinkie's Mane


Model: Th3 Lucky
Texture: Th3 Lucky
Hexing: VideoG

Replacement Options

Athletic Supporter, Attendant, Bill's Hat, Brigade Helm, Connoisseur's Cap, Dead Cone, Ellis' Cap, Handyman's Handle, Hotties Hoodie, Madame Dixe, Mann Co. Cap, Max's Severed Head, Nappers Respite, Old Guadalajara, Prancer's Pride, Pyro's Beanie, Respectless Rubber Glove, Triboniophorus Tyrannus, Vintage Merryweather


2014-04-04: Returned Pinkie's Mane back to the bright pink it once was.

Pinkie's Mane