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Installing, Using, and Uninstalling Mods FAQ
How do I install mods? What about uninstalling mods?

You can find tutorials in both written and video form by visiting the tutorials section of the site.

Can I install or uninstall mods while the game is running?

While you can technically install a mod while the game is running, it will require restarting the game in order to be visible. However it is not possible to uninstall mods while the game is running due to how the game handles .vpk files.

Is there a way to download multiple mods at once?

Currently the only way to download mods from the site is individually from each mod’s respective pages.

Can everyone see my mods or am I the only one who can see them?

All the mods on the site are client side mods. That means only you can see them when playing. To others, it will either look like the default texture and models or the custom mods that they chose to install on their computer.

Do the mods just affect my character and weapons or do they affect all the players and items that I see in game?

Any mods you install affects all players and items you see in game. This means when you install a skin for the scattergun, not only is your scattergun affected, but so are all the other scattergun models you see being carried by other players. Do not let this be confused with the fact that only you can see the mods you have installed.

Will I be at risk of getting VAC banned for using any of these mods?

No. You can not be VAC banned for possessing any of these mods.

Do these mods work with the Team Fortress 2 Beta client?

Yes. These mods do work with the Team Fortress 2 Beta client. However, we do not provide any support for installing to this version of the game.

Where is my “custom” folder? It isn’t where you said it was.

The location of the “custom” folder is in the same place for every Steam user. It will always be located in “Steam/SteamApps/common/team fortress 2/tf/” on Windows, Mac and Ubuntu. The location of your “Steam” directory on the other hand will vary based on your operating system and if you chose to use the default hard drive and file path. Provided you installed Steam and Team Fortress 2 to your computer using the default settings, you can find your “custom” folder by following the appropriate string of folders based on your operating system. If any of the folders seem to be missing, be sure to check that none of the folders are hidden from view.

64-Bit Windows:
C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/team fortress 2/tf/

32-Bit Windows:
C:/Program Files/Steam/SteamApps/common/team fortress 2/tf/

Macintosh HD/Users/(Your Home Folder)/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/team fortress 2/tf/

Home/steam/steam/SteamApps/common/Team Fortress 2/tf/

Note for OS X 10.7 or newer users: The user “Library” folder is hidden by default. Methods of getting around the hidden folder is covered in the OS X installation tutorial.

Note for Ubuntu users: Your “steam” folder inside your “Home” directory is hidden by default. Methods of getting around the hidden folder is covered in the Ubuntu installation tutorial.

I think a mod I am using is broken. How can I report this?

If you sense a feature of any mod is broken in some regard, the first thing to do is check the the mod was installed correctly. If you need a refresher, check out the site’s installation tutorials again. Once you verify the mod is the source of the issue, feel free to report it by sending us an email to Please give a brief explanation what you believe to be wrong with it. We will be sure to look into it for any problems.

Why do my mods show up on some servers but not others?

The mods you download from the site are only guaranteed to be permitted for use on servers running sv_pure “0”. While servers running sv_pure “1” will have a whitelist of the client side mods it will allow, servers running sv_pure “2” will not permit the use of essentially all client side mods requiring you to use all default textures, models, particle effects, etc. You can check if the server you are on is running sv_pure 0, 1, or 2 by opening up the console (required to be enabled under advanced keyboard settings) and entering in the command “sv_pure”. The console will then produce the result for that particular server. You need to make sure the server you play on allows the use of client side mods.

How can I prevent myself from crashing when trying to join servers using sv_pure “1” or “2”?

Should you find yourself experiencing problems when trying to connect to a server with an sv_pure setting of 1 or 2, the best solution is to temporarily rename your “custom” folder. Exit out of game and navigate to your “tf” folder. You may then rename your “custom” folder anything you would like. For example, “custom backup”. Now when you restart Team Fortress 2, the game will run without any of the modifications previously installed. You should now be able to join the server that was causing you to crash without problem.

When you decide it is time to start playing with mods again on a different server that would not typically not make your game crash, simply navigate back to your “tf” folder and revert the name of your custom folder backup to “custom”. Next time you launch Team Fortress 2, all of your mods will be back working like before.

I need to uninstall a mod that no longer works but I can’t find the download to check which files need to be removed. Where can I find a download?

All mods that once existed but no longer work can be found in the Graveyard.

Is there a way I can I remove all my mods at once?

If you ever desire to clear Team Fortress 2 of all mods installed, it is as simple as deleting your “custom” folder. Once gone, you can simply create a new folder titled “custom” in its place.

Why do I still hear regular voice over files when I downloaded a voice pack for that particular class?

Should you find that after having downloaded a voice pack, not all voice over files have been replaced, it is likely because either the creator could not find an appropriate audio clip to replace that line with or the voice over file was added after they created the voice pack.

Is there a way to have multiple Dispenser Radio mods installed at the same time playing at random?

No. Due to how the game and its files are designed, this is not possible.

Why don’t my class HUD icon mods work?

The most often cause of class HUD icons not displaying is due to them being replaced by player models. If this is the case, you can disable the player model replacements by opening up the Team Fortress 2 advanced options, scrolling to the HUD Options section, and disabling the “Use player model in player class HUD” selection.

Why are all the menu titles and HUD elements screwed up and start with the # symbol?

Due to a bug in the game, when too many VPK files are installed, the menu and HUD text breaks. The breaking point is around 75-85 VPKs installed. It is advised to send a bug report with a screenshot from the main Team Fortress 2 menu to Valve. If you desire such a large number of mods, it is reccomended you switch to useing the original non-VPK format for downloading and installing mods. For information on how to switch your download format on the site, please visit the general site FAQ. Otherwise, you will need to reduce the number of installed VPK files.

I know for a fact a particular mod I installed is making my game crash. How do I fix it?

The first thing you need to accept in this situation is that the issue most likely lies within your computer specifically. These mods are tested to work without issue before release and numerous other users achieve success using the mods. Resolving the conflict to be limited to your computer helps approach the problem from the right angle.

Start by uninstalling the mod you believe is causing your game to crash. If it continues to crash, the mod clearly was not the issue and you should investigate other factors that could be affecting your game.

Should the problem be fixed by uninstalling the mod, we now need to isolate it to see if this mod alone is the cause or if other mods had an influence on the matter. From your “tf” folder, temporarily rename your “custom” folder to “custom backup”. Now create a new folder in the “tf” directory and call it “custom” to replace the one you just renamed. Install the mod you believe to be causing your game to crash. Now launch the game. If the game continues to crash, it is most definitely this specific mod that is causing your computer this stress. At that point you should contact us with regards to the issue and various details regarding your system setup. However, if it doesn’t crash when installed alone, you may want to consider the idea that you might have had too many mods installed. It is best to start reinstalling mods at a slow pace to see how your computer reacts.

Fortunately despite any confusing results that may have come from the testing, there are still some basic troubleshooting that can be done. Reference the question following below.

I’ve tried everything and my mods still aren’t working properly. What should I do now?

First suggestion is always restart Steam.

Second suggestion is always restart your computer. Sometimes it just needs a reboot.

Third, verify the integrity of the game cache. You can do so by going to the “Library” tab in Steam, locating Team Fortress 2, right click on the game and select “Properties”, click on the “Local Files” tab, and select “Verify Integrity of Game Cache...”. Verifying the game cache can often help correct strange bugs.

Fourth, use a search engine to scout for others experiencing similar problems. Talk to your friends to see if they have any sort of input to add.

Fifth, we are now assuming it is no longer just a problem with using mods but instead TF2 not operating properly as a whole. Make sure you are running some form of up to date anti-virus software if you weren’t protecting yourself already. Malicious software can cause your computer to behave in strange ways. That includes performance when running games.

Finally, reinstall Team Fortress 2. Delete the game from your computer and redownload it fresh from Steam’s servers. Do not use a locally saved backup. A fresh install can help leave any number of issues with the old one behind.

Remember, if at any point in the process you need more personalized support, feel free to send a message to We will be sure to get back as soon as we can. Just never stop looking for a solution.