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Resource Materials

A list of various assets which can aid in the creation of new mods.

Note: The voices only audio files for seasons 1 through 3 are encoded in MP3 format at 256kbps. Season 4 and 5 plus the films are available in both MP3 320kbps or WAV 16-bit uncompressed.


Creating Voices Only Audio

If you would like to produce results similar to these on your own, follow this procedure.

  1. Acquire a copy of the episode with 5.1 audio encoding. You traditionally get these in the form of iTunes rips placed in .mkv format. Without having the 6 different audio channels, you will be unable to perform the noise canceling.
  2. Import the .mkv video file into a program that can decode the audio channels such as Audacity. You should end up with 6 separate tracks at this point. A center, left, right, back left, back right, and bass. Discard the back left, back right, and bass channels.
  3. Mix the left and right audio channels together to form one single track.
  4. Reduce this newly mixed track by 20 dB and invert the waveform.
  5. Finally, merge the mixed left and right channel into the center channel.
Season 4 Voices Only Audio
Season 5 Voices Only Audio