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Posted Feb 19, 2015, 12:08 AM

2015/02/20 - TF2 Community Game Night and What We Have Learned

Good day everyone!

This Friday, February 20th at 7PM EST (that's Saturday, February 21th at 12am UTC) we will be holding another TF2 community game night. Again, nothing too fancy will be happening game wise. Still just kinda running stock maps. This time with a server that can actually rotate. If you stick around long enough we will probably end up on some Arena maps or better yet Hydro. Either way it will be a good time to get to play some actual TF2.

If you do happen to stick around long enough, we'll also be taking the opportunity to go over what is happening with the site, what we have learned and where we are going. So if you have an interest in those details, you can get some answers.

For those not it the know, you can find a link to the Steam group event posting here:

Our server IP is: or Yes the server will be up-to-date when we play :)

Hope to see you guys there!
The Team