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Posted Jan 28, 2015, 05:57 AM

General Update - 2015/01/28

Hello! A general update for all your general needs. First of the general topics is that things are slow around here. Slow with reason though. The site of course is dependent on community submitted content. Which after almost two years without update, many of those who created content do so no longer. Hence it will take a bit of time to get people back into the act of creating. To help that, tutorials are being created as a starting point for those looking to get in on the fun of creating mods but have no idea what they are doing. If you know of someone who has created content that would fit the site, let them know they should submit it to us. Please don’t submit another persons content that you did not play an active role in creating without permission.

Another pretty general announcement is that our TF2 server is now largely functional. It will rotate through a relatively small set of maps or you can use use the default TF2 voting system to change the map. Still doesn’t make use of any fancy add-ons. Though if you need a server to hijack for a couple hours, it should function just fine. It is generally kept up to date. A new game night will be due in the future. For further information on accessing the server, visit the forum post.

In other news, if you happen to be going on JoCo Cruise Crazy 5, I would love to hear any compliments or complaints you have regarding the site in person! But seriously, if you happen to be going on the cruise, I’d like to be able to meet and chat with you in person. Even if just to confirm there are humans behind all those clicks and not just an army of intelligent bots that love My Little Pony and Team Fortress 2. You can find me on Twit-arr as @Chordash or wearing the Rainbow Dash fez with wings at the Paul F. Tompkins Memorial Moustache Formal Feztravaganza as seen below. I do hope to see someone there.

Since I am going to be away shortly and Zarkith’s computer is in pieces, we’re only going to have our admin making sure the site doesn’t burn itself down for two weeks. Once back, everything should be business as usual.

Best regards,