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Posted Mar 03, 2015, 06:33 PM

General Update - 2015/03/03

Hello! We hope everyone is enjoying this Winter/Summer day. Just a few quick announcements we wanted to get out there.

First thing to bring up is texture tutorials. Audio has all been recorded with video recording under way. So for those interested, they are still coming along.

Second is that the site's infrastructure won't be seeing much in the way of active development. Much of what's left to be done can't even be seen from the front end. Reason for the slow down in production is that all essential features are already implemented. Since things aren't overly active in the community, there isn't much reason to further pad out what is already existing. So the site will structurally remain as is for the foreseeable future. Which to clarify, this slow down will not affect content being posted. Content will continue to be posted as it has been when received.

Finally, servers, domains, and other used software is not free by any stretch. To help offset these costs, we will be deploying ads to aid the site's sustainability. As for what this means to you, that depends on who you are. If you use adblock software, you will not notice any difference. Of course, if your reasons allow, it would be appreciated to be exempt but not required by any means. For those who the ads will be visible to, we will be using Google Ad Sense which is known to follow good practices. Should any aspect of their service relating to our site cause concern at any time, don't hesitate to contact us. If you are a content creator and do not wish to have you content hosted on the site for this change or any other reason, please contact us.

Thank you for keeping up with the site news and we hope you have a pleasant day.

The Team