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Posted Jan 02, 2015, 12:03 AM [Updated at Jan 02, 2015, 12:27 AM]

Screenshot Contest and TF2 Holiday Keys Giveaway!

Hello everypony!

Here at the site, we can tell you all enjoy pony mods. We know this through things like the comments we read, a thumbs up here and there, as well as the numbers reported back to us from the site and its requests. However the one way we don't typically get to see your enjoyment in using them is actually seeing you use them! We'd like to fix that.

Introducing the Screenshot Contest and Giveaway! What is it exactly you ask? Basically, it's a contest where you take a screenshot while you are playing TF2 with pony mods from the site installed, post it to Steam community, then make a post with a link to the screenshot you posted in the dedicated thread. Once the entry period closes, they will be looked through and judged. Winners for the various categories will be given TF2 holiday keys, be it naughty or nice, with additional TF2 holiday keys being given out randomly just for participating! What have you got to lose?

To get the full details on how to enter, visit the contest thread on our forums.

The MLPTF2Mods Team